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Pointers for Franchisees

Franchising not a get-rich-quick scheme

Sally J'Arlette-Joy: CEO of Sandwich Baron
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While franchising is an exciting business venture for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, there are many areas that prospective franchisees should be aware of to ensure long-term success. Sally J’Arlette-Joy, CEO of the highly successful Sandwich Baron franchise says.

For any aspiring businessperson, franchising presents an enticing and lucrative opportunity to dip their toes into the business world. The industry itself is developing and growing at a rapid rate, and it is visibly apparent that this sector is a viable business option that can offer significant returns.

However, before acquiring ownership, franchisees should distance themselves from certain misguided perceptions, which they might have about the industry, so that they have a clear head when making important decisions. 

One of the most common notions is that buying a franchise with an established brand is a guarantee to financial success, and therefore doesn’t require consistent hands-on involvement. 

On the contrary, while a recognised franchise brand and system can increase chances of success, the prospects are ultimately determined by the franchisee’s own competence and commitment to running the business practically. 

Many franchise owners also tend to think that they now have the power to call all the shots, when in actual fact, decisions regarding the franchise group will be made by the franchisor, and they will have to comply with these decisions.

It is important to remember that initial and ongoing training is vital, and the franchisee should understand the business system inside out, as this will prevent money from being wasted through unnecessary mistakes. Further, franchisees should take the lead in implementing marketing initiatives, and not solely rely on the franchisor in this regard.

Potential franchisees should also be aware that the learning process within a franchise is ongoing, and it is to their benefit that they regularly attend meetings and training sessions, and to ask for assistance from the franchisor if and when it is required. 

Once a franchisee has wrapped their head around these factors, they are ready to enter a world that offers valuable experience, and provides a stepping-stone to a rewarding and sustainable business career. 

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