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One’s initial thought might be: “Why rent art if you can buy it?” But actually it makes perfect sense, as the interior of a business has to be inviting and fit the image of the company’s corporate identity, art can make or break an interior image.

By renting art a company can optimise its direct environment by everyone using its space - being it employers and employees or clients - with fresh, contemporary art that changes frequently. And there are many more benefits in this new concept for both artists and businesses renting art.

Taking the lead on local shores is South African-found international investment holding company Bidvest with the launch of its art rental division, Bidvest Art Rentals, the brainchild of Bidvest founder, Brian Joffe.

It was Joffe’s passion for art and photography that gave birth to opening doors to the company’s newest division, which specialises in sourcing and renting art for the corporate market.

Bidvest Art Rentals has access to a range of pieces from international artists and it is also committed to supporting local artists. Whatever the corporate needs, Bidvest Art Rentals has a solution in its portfolio of local fine art, limited edition prints, digital prints, international gallery prints and photographic art.

Joffe says there are several advantages to renting art - from the practical, tax-deductible benefits, to the more immeasurable, such as rejuvenating office décor every year or so. Staff and clients appreciate new surroundings from time to time and since art can be used to show the transformed nature of a business, it can be useful as a marketing tool.

It is internationally believed that fine art in the workplace can, besides for boosting creativity and being artistically inspirational, also help to reduce stress.

Joffe, who known for his wildlife photography, and who has to date published two books on the subject, was recently persuaded to exhibit his art works that sprang from his doodling during board meetings to keep himself focused.

Joffe says “Art is not competitive, there is no formula. Art is relief from the real world. Art in the workplace brings life to the corporate space, it reflects an organisation’s ability to think creatively and it is a conversation starter with stakeholders.”

Bidvest Art Rentals falls under the Bidvest Execuflora umbrella, which services the corporate market with more than 90 000 plants, pots and silk flower arrangements, making it a natural off shoot and adding more value to the growing market offering.

The latest research in the UK on the latest trends and best practice in art in the workplace by International Art Consultants (IAC) partnered with the British Council for Offices (BCO) revealed that workplace art boost staff productivity and wellbeing. 90% of the survey respondents display art on their premises and 86% of them think that art is more relevant than ever in today’s office environment.

According to the IAC, the report (based on a survey with BCO members supported by an extensive qualitative research) reveals that the incorporation of art in the contemporary office not only inspires creativity and improves individual and collective wellbeing but it can significantly increase productivity especially when employees are asked to be involved in the art selection process.

“Art may also help retain staff in the workplace and make the office a destination of choice in the era of home working and wireless offices. 93% of survey participants agreed that art makes the workplace more welcoming for employees and visitors alike,” the IAC says on its website.

Candice Neethling


More benefits of renting art

  • Renting art cuts out capital costs.
  • It will cost a fraction of the price of purchasing.
  • Tax efficient-art rental charges are tax deductible from your business.
  • By renting art you can keep your workplace alive and interesting by rotating the works on display.



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