Hastens and Taj team up

Majestic: The interior of the Taj Cape Town
Perfected over time, more than a century in fact, the Hästens and Taj brands have long been the global benchmark for luxury and high quality in the bed and hospitality industries, respectively. It’s no wonder then that these two prestigious brands should now find themselves in collaboration.  

Hästens South Africa and Taj Cape Town have recently entered into a strategic business partnership. The result: opulent accommodation for local and global visitors to Cape Town, culminating in the quintessential luxury experience. 

“Guests of the five-star hotel can now uncover the heritage and culture of the heart of the Mother City from the comfort of a Hästens suite,” says Mashuda Casmod, manager of Hästens South Africa. The story though, doesn’t begin there. In 2010, on his much-publicised visit to the city of Mumbai, the Taj Mahal Palace purchased a bed from Hästens for President Barack Obama’s stay in their Tata Presidential Suite. 

Purveyors to the Swedish Royal Court since 1952, Hästens have perfected the craft of making beds fit for kings and queens, and since 2010, maharajas and presidents too. There's no denying the strong influence the original architecture of the Temple Chambers and the South African Reserve Bank - across which Taj Cape Town is spread - has had on the look and feel of the hotel. 

The Tower suites in particular are as dramatically elegant in space, design and views, as the city skyline over which they loom. When that impeccable luxury meets the uncompromising quality and enduring style of Hästens, the mix is simply tantalising. Scandinavian design has been highly regarded and been the subject of exhibitions and scholarly work for many years. 

The idea that beauty and functionality should go hand-in-hand is the core theme of Hästens products. Each bed is a masterpiece, hand-made with pride and care by skilled craftsmen. Natural materials such as horsehair, pure flax and the highest quality pine, ensure not only sustainability, but also the most amazing comfort. And the beauty lies in the exquisite detail, from the rich colour palette to the inspired hand-stitching.  

With Cape Town continuing to shine as one of the world's most popular destinations, the coming together of these iconic brands is bound to have a positive impact on the city's tourism. Taj Cape Town is perfectly situated in the heart of historic Cape Town, on the doorstep of many significant and interesting landmarks and attractions. And what the hotel presents in culture, atmosphere and service, Hästens matches in comfort, opulence and timeless style. 

This will no doubt be sought-after by discerning guests who value all things superior. “The first of its kind in the country, this partnership is a unique offering in many ways; suffice to say that Hästens and Taj have once again set the bar for opulence very high,” Michael Pownall, Taj Cape Town's General Manager concludes.
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