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Agility and nimbleness have become the signature DNA of Pacinamix—a PR, communications, activations and digital cutting-edge firm that resonates its identity as a disruptive 100% black female-owned business that is born independent to co-create relevant, engaging and interactive digital, PR and communications experiences that captivate audiences.

Born independent, Pacinamix perceives itself as the new breed of specialist experts who are liberated enough to disrupt the status-quo in order to achieve pioneering solutions that serve as an opportunity to empower clients to be both distinct and competitive.

This ethos characterises Pacinamix’s visionary Chief Executive Officer, Manzini Zungu, who resolutely advocates that the value of being a disruptive business has its undertone of being innovative enough to transform the parameters of the trends in which you operate.

This notion served as a synergist in Pacinamix’s partnership with the Black Business Council (BBC) to deliver a bespoke industry-disruptive two-day Business Summit aptly coined Economic Transformation within the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution – a Catalyst for Inclusive Growth in the South African Economy.

Pacinamix’s agility and extraordinary expertise to set innovative trends manifested in the internal digital branding used during the two-day summit, which added a tailored component to the event—optimising the uniqueness of the summit and demonstrating the firm’s flair for the unconventional.

As a strategic media partner, Pacinamix architected a multitudinal media blueprint also comprising of a digital approach, which ensured all stakeholders stayed abreast in the productive interaction between the government, civil society and business on matters relating to South Africa’s economy.

A diverse portfolio in public relations, digital, communications and activations became the cornerstone for Pacinamix to earn the BBC’s trust to produce content that is authentic and of quintessential quality in growing the BBC’s position as a transformative force within the country’s business industry and safeguarding the national economic interest of black businesses under the essence of black business excellence.

The overall success of the summit was underpinned by the nimbleness of experts who executed pertinent PR activities that ensured the BBC achieved optimum coverage by the relevant media. This is the hallmark of co-creation—journeying with partners in a synergetic relationship that has the sole purpose of forging shared experiences that foster learning in both directions.

Solidifying the doctrine of black excellence has positioned Pacinamix as a custodian of the BBC’s articulacy as champions of accelerating the participation of black business in the mainstream economy of our country. The reputation management, end-to-end media and event management, brand and crisis communications, profiling speakers and lobbied live broadcast interviews with the BBC President and CEO and as well as on-site interviews demonstrated Pacinamix’s 360-degree insight into how best to align the BBC’s strategic and business objectives with the summit.

The golden thread in Pacinamix’s business model is the doctrine of black excellence. For Pacinamix, this ensures that black businesses have the aptitude to rise and stand firm on their own to compete on all stages, making the collaboration between Pacinamix and the BBC—two entities that seek to rupture the negative stereotypical rhetoric surrounding black business—all the more paramount.

Pacinamix’s intentional disruption has filtered to all its partners, endowing the cutting-edge firm with the prowess to identify innovative and game-changing methodologies that enhance approaches to business.

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