by Tim Cohen

Black Little Book

BEE pocket book relaunched

The Little Black Book is back in vogue by popular demand



The Financial Mail is proud to announce the re-launch of The LittleBlack Book in June 2013.

 The Financial Mail published The Little Black Book in 2001 to introduce a new generation of black professionals to the wider market and to dispel the notion that there is a shortage of qualified leaders, decision-makers and professionals within South Africa’s newly empowered black community following the democratic transition.

 For more than a decade now, The Little Black Book has become a dependable reference for everyone from talent seekers to professional organisations pursuing reliable profiles of some of the most prominent and innovative South Africans from a wide range of professions. 

 The Financial Mail decided to stop publishing the book on the basis that after a decade of publishing this “introduction”, black professionals were arguably sufficiently well known. In fact, we have discovered that as a new landscape has evolved, a new generation of decision-makers emerged. Far from a declining interest in the book, reader feedback suggested it was as relevant as ever.

 However, we have taken the opportunity to modernise the theme of The Little Black Book by offering the reader insight into the lives of only 70 select opinion-makers. We have examined a little of how they have built their success, with an emphasis on values, ethics, inspiration, delivery and results; as well as what makes them stand out.

 It is our fervent hope that the handbook will illustrate that affirmative action and BEE are simply platforms to showcase new talent, irrespective of race, sex, colour, creed or religion.

 For many South Africans the “promised land” is still that, a promise. And as a new breed of leaders and decision-makers emerges, TheLittle Black Book will continue to celebrate the skills and possibilities that future generations can build on.




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