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Employees are a company’s biggest investment. In too many organisations, employees are viewed as an asset to be managed rather than individuals with the potential to create the next successful innovation.

Creating a highly engaged work environment provides a company with the benefit of job longevity and loyalty from its employees, says Neville De Lucia, Director at Dale Carnegie Training.

"Fully engaged employees are actively involved, enthusiastic about their work and would need a significantly greater salary increase before leaving an existing job. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and make the organisation a success, spreading enthusiasm within their teams and beyond. Engaged employees feel personally connected to an organisation, are more productive, less likely to seek alternative employment, and act as champions for their company," says De Lucia. 

On the other hand, the partially engaged employee does the minimum to get by, concentrates on the job at hand and adds little extra value. The disengaged employee demonstrates negativity at work and undermines the accomplishments of others, potentially creating a toxic atmosphere in the workplace.

“New employees need more guidance than those who have been with an organisation for a few years. While they are optimistic and excited to advance within the company, they are unsure of their roles and responsibilities. To succeed, they need feedback to understand what they are doing right and encouragement to help them improve,” he says.

Managers can turn that initial level of enthusiasm into full engagement by setting clear goals and further developing the skills that these staff members have.

In order to create involved employees, a manager can affirm that they are valued and have responsibility; furthermore, recognise and reward them for a job well done. Once this level of engagement is reached, a company should continue to manage employee engagement.

According to De Lucia, Organisations need to ensure that those who are engaged retain their enthusiasm and that the disengaged become engaged.

Nick Roodman


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