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Emotional intelligence is key to positive change in South Africa and EQ in Action is the first "preferred partner" for bringing emotional intelligence to South Africa, offering robust tools to turn science into performance. The data is increasingly compelling: The learnable, measurable skills of emotional intelligence are key to performance. But how can this science turn into action for organizations in South Africa?

Recently, a multi-year case study at FedEx Express found that increasing emotional intelligence is linked to performance: 72% of the program participants experience very large increases in decision making; 60% in Quality of Life, and 58% show major improvements in Influence. The "Emotional Intelligence for People-First Leadership" paper was published by Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network. These are the key skills needed by leaders everywhere.

Jayne Morrison, the Regional Network Director of Six Seconds in Middle East and Africa, and a South African emigre, says, "I see South Africa's business community on the verge of flourishing: Emotional intelligence is known here, but business leaders need a practical approach. EQ in Action will provide this missing link."

Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network is a global network supporting people to create positive change by developing emotional intelligence. The global not-for-profit organization turns current science into practical tools and methods that partners, such as EQ in Action, can use to fuel performance.

Joshua Freedman, global CEO for Six Seconds, says, "We're delighted that Avril Kidd and the EQ in Action team are now Preferred Partners to continue to expand the practice of EQ in SA. The name says it all: It's about turning the powerful insights of emotional intelligence into action that organizational leaders – and all of us – can use every day to make our best intentions real."

The organization's vision is that by 2039, a billion people will be practicing the skills of emotional intelligence. As shown in this paper, when people practice those skills, their lives are more successful, healthier, and they make better decisions.

Six Seconds is one of the first, and the largest organization dedicated to emotional intelligence. Members include authors, scientists, coaches, trainers and educators in nearly 100 countries. For information, see

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