by Shannon Manuel

Editor's Note

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving


Earlier this year during a dispute, someone close to me asked, “Why do you expect to be thanked for doing your job?”

And even though I found the question very problematic and was ready to launch into a barrage of reasons why it was one of the most absurd questions, I took a breath, remained silent and left it at that. However, for months, the question plagued me.

As we reach the end of the year, this magical unicorn that we yearn for shortly after each new year starts—and when it arrives, we question where the time went—the topic of reflection rears its repetitive head once more.

I suppose that it is an unavoidable part of human nature to look back and reevaluate the role we played throughout the year—how did we matter? We scrutinise every challenge faced, every success, every failure, the work accomplished and the expectations. And in the midst of vowing to make 2019 the year where “things will change”, we reflect on whether we were appreciated and thanked for our contribution.

A simple thank you can go a long way. It is something that I, personally, truly believe. Yet it has become a point of contention for many, making questions such as ‘Why do you expect to be thanked for doing your job?’ a common utterance. But the undeniable fact is that gratitude truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

A simple thank you can inspire, motivate and elicit confidence, a sense of achievement and, most importantly, a sense of purpose. Having a purpose is an integral part of living and having a healthy outlook on life. Without it, we lose our way, become demotivated, unhappy and develop an attitude of defeat. In the workplace, a simple thank you can inspire loyalty, better resilience to stress and can be the difference between employees doing a great job and a mediocre one. In short, a small thank you can go a long way.

As I make my exit as the Editor of BBQ magazine, I would like to take the opportunity to name and (not) shame, to highlight with the spotlight and mention to get attention, my support team.

To my day ones, Monique Jacobs, Ralph Staniforth, Kevin Michaels, Ché Vigus, Dale Rother, Simon Lewis, Greg Penfold, Tahlia Wyngaard, Linda Tom and Carlo Hudson, who all contributed to both the publication and my sanity, a big thank you.

To the loyal advertisers as well as all the contributors, including, of course, the South African business and leadership stars featured in each edition, I express my gratitude. And, finally, thank you to our readers, who provide us with the constant inspiration to produce engaging content and maintain BBQ magazine’s position as the top transformation publication in the country.

The team wishes you a safe festive season and a prosperous 2019.

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