by Luthando Vutula


Unity in heritage


As the world and South Africans celebrated what would have been Nelson Mandela’s centenary on 18 July, it is encouraging to see that organisations and individuals alike carry the essence of Ubuntu that I believe is still influenced by Madiba’s “magic”, especially during his birth month. Madiba’s magic had and, to a large extent, still has the ability to get people to congregate and connect with one another in order to achieve a common goal.

It is with this in mind that I am inclined to think that President Cyril Ramaphosa, too, is influenced by this “magic”. This is represented by the manner in which he strives to unite individuals, government entities and businesses to work together towards a mutual objective of positioning SA favourably to the world and prospective investors.

His actions have led me to believe that not only is he influenced by Madiba’s “magic”, but he embodies one of Mandela’s proverbs that says, “There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living,” hence, his bold call to businesses and government entities to acquire US$100 billion of investment over the next five years.

This is rather motivating to see a leader so bold in his vision for his country. It challenges us as leaders to do the same in our different spheres of work. It nudges us to rethink the manner in which we use resources at our disposal. This resonates a great deal with me and Ubank as it challenges us to continue growing and serving mineworkers and adjacent markets that were previously overlooked by many banks.

The president’s appeal forces us to question whether we are deploying these resources effectively and efficiently, whether monitored or unmonitored. Furthermore, he challenges us to strive to gain new insights, pushing for innovative solutions, to collaborate on industry-wide subject matters in order to strengthen our collaborative efforts.

Most importantly, his bold pledge challenges us to invest even more in our own employees in order to attain our organisation’s goals, which will, in turn, contribute to the goals of South Africa as a whole. This will definitely need businesses and the government to bring the untapped minds of SA’s youth to the fore, to include the entrepreneurs and foster a culture of entrepreneurs in our organisation. We need to trust them enough to understand the strategic objectives of our organisations and give them support in order to see those strategies through.

This will, however, require crucial, purposeful planning, commitment and the implementation of those strategies to make the plans worthwhile.

As we enter another phase of celebrating our heritage, let’s be mindful that there is no better way to do that, other than to understand that our heritage will only be safeguarded if our economy, our businesses, the government and our youth are all in sync—singing from the same hymn sheet, as it were.

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