by Nikki Versfeld

Hennessy Cognac innovates

New collector's bottle rolled out

The Hennessy V.S.O.P Kyrios as unveiled recently
Hennessy VSOP KYRIOS_Beauty Shot.jpg

This year, Hennessy Cognac is proud to announce the launch of the new collector's edition bottle, Kyrios, the key to unlocking the codes of the legendary world of Hennessy V.S.O.P. As a tribute to the brand's history and origin in 1817, the V.S.O.P bottle is presented with a stylish new matte carbon covering and unique codes that tell its rich story.


Every aspect of this exceptional collector’s bottle has a significant connotation, starting with the 3D label adorned with 1817, giving the impression that the date is inside the bottle – an integral component of its beginning. A beginning that dates back centuries when a request was made by the future king of England, George IV, for ‘Very Superior Old Pale Cognac’.


The codes extend to the grapes, a symbol of the vineyards and grandeur of the House of Hennessy – clearly illustrating the ancestral savoir-faire, elaborate craftsmanship and the extreme care taken in the creation of this high-quality product.

Along with the new silhouette, launched in 2013 by esteemed automobile designer Chris Bangle, the appearance of this limited edition bottle takes on two dimensions with its startling carbon-grey colour. First of which is the technical dimension, currently used in the automobile industry for fast concept cars and, secondly, an artistic dimension. The copper appearance used in the label design is a reminder of the pot stills, a deep tint that evokes centuries of distillation – adding more elegance and style to the carafe.


Lastly, the emblematic ‘bras armé’ reflects the long history of Hennessy, an essential part of the seal for more than two centuries. Now engraved in the glass, it highlights the constant search of quality.


Within the sophisticated Kyrios bottle, the Hennessy V.S.O.P Cognac has remained unchanged. Recognised for its harmonious and well-structured blend, it is characterised by its gradual blend of about 60 eaux-de-vie taken from the four best growing areas in the Cognac region, slowly matured in old barrels from which most of the tannin has been extracted. With well-loved aromas, balance and long-lasting finish, Hennessy V.S.O.P easily matches every tasting occasion – either enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a refined cocktail.

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