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Talk Show Host and businesswoman Felicia Mabuza-Suttle recently launched her second book, Live your Dream (the sequel to her memoir, Dare to Dream). Check out this excerpt of the book.


Live your Dream (the sequel to my memoir, Dare to Dream) is a continuation of my journey from the dusty and dangerous streets of Soweto, South Africa, to realizing the American Dream, and then going back home in response to Nelson Mandela’s call to South Africans to return from abroad to help build a new democratic South Africa.

In this book, I explain how I realized most of the dreams and goals described in Dare to Dream. In essence, this concludes my memoirs. I always say, “Share your legacy. No one can tell your story better than you.” As Harley Davidson once aptly said, “When writ- ing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” I am holding the pen to this legacy and sharing it with future generations who will continue to run the race and pass on the baton.

Live Your Dream is a pictorial testament to everyone—young and old—that no one and nothing should stop you from realizing your dream. In pursuit of my own dream, I encountered many nay- sayers, skeptics, and critics who tried to deter and derail me, but I refused to allow them to determine my destiny.

Live Your Dream was inspired by my life experiences, the books I read, the quotations that motivate and guide me, and the wisdom of many important leaders, politicians, personalities, authors, and members of royal families whom I have met. I now share their wis- dom with you. I hope you will enjoy and savor my book. Ponder it. Use it as you make your dream a reality.


No one and nothing should stop you from realizing your dream.

This book, Live Your Dream, captures my journey which I believe will inspire you to live your dream. It is a testament to the fact that “If you can dream it, it is doable.” Live Your Dream shows how the wisdom found in quotes by some of the world’s greatest leaders, authors, and celebrities turned my life around. Living by this wisdom enabled me to leave behind the dusty and dangerous streets of Soweto, South Africa, where I grew up, and venture to America in search of education and success. I was determined to become someone and make a difference in the lives of others back home.

Live Your Dream is, in essence, a continuation of my memoir, Dare to Dream, that describes how I visualized a bright future for myself despite living in apartheid South Africa. In Live Your Dream, I share the reality of living the dream. The title was inspired by the famous Walt Disney quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” No one and nothing should stop you from realizing your dream.

My dream was to unchain myself from the shackles of apartheid that held back most black people in South Africa. As we celebrate over 20 years of democracy, millions of South Africans are still impoverished.

I knew the most powerful weapon against apartheid was to leave South Africa, travel abroad, and get an education. I knew I would see the end of the brutality of apartheid in my lifetime and that freedom would come. I set out to prepare myself for that future.

This book is about attainable goals
---not lofty, unattainable goals. The
theme throughout the book is that
nothing should stop you from realizing
your dream, regardless of your circumstances. This book is also about espous
ing the principles of Ubuntu---humaneness. It’s about helping you find your purpose—the mission you are meant to fulfill on earth. It’s about moving your life from success to significance and making your mark in life. As Oprah Winfrey rightfully says, “You haven’t completed the circle of success unless you can help somebody else move forward.”

While visiting the United States in 1991, Nelson Mandela made a clarion call, challenging all South Africans living abroad to return home to help build a new democracy. I was living in America, pursuing a successful career. Atlanta won the bid to host the Olympics, and I was part of the delegation sent to Barcelona to observe the Olympic Games ceremonies. Ambassador Andrew Young, who was Mayor of Atlanta, acknowledges the contribution in his endorsement.

Mandela’s call inspired me. With the help and support of my family, I left America and went to make a difference in the new South Africa.

Because of my broadcasting background and journalism major at university, I chose television as my personal vehicle of change. I started the first audience talk show in the country, The Felicia Show, that gave the people a voice. I’m pleased to say that we touched millions, as evidenced by the ratings, various news reports, and the support of viewers. Some of their enthusiastic letters can be read later in this book.

Live Your Dream isn’t only about
 my dream. It’s also about your dream.
It’s about the dream many young men and women growing up in townships and rural areas want to realize. It’s a story of hope, determination, and persistence.

The quotes in this book inspired me and moved me to action to make my dreams a reality. I hope the same will happen to everyone who reads this book. I want it to encourage you to find your passion, pursue your purpose, and, most importantly, live your dream.

Author Robin Sharma says his father once told him, “Son, when you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.” Is this not what we should all do to make our world a better place?

Enjoy the journey as you dare to dream and, ultimately, as you live your dream!

Author’s Note: Throughout the book, some quotations are repeated to emphasize their significance to a particular chapter. You will also find more of my favorite quotations in the back of the book.


In the next issue …

If you’ve been wondering what happened to South Africa’s first black talk show host, our very own queen of talk, make sure that you get your copy of the next issue of BBQ, in which Felicia Mabuza Suttle will be talking to us about life after TV, the business of writing and transformation 21 years into democracy.


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