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Accurate mileage and activity data, delivered with ease and affordably


Created by Andre Swanepoel, the Little LogBook device is a GPS trip logger that enables you to record all your vehicle mileage accurately. The Little LogBook software allows you to categorise and manage your recorded trips for the purpose of producing reports for business and/or tax purposes.

“After completing my studies in architecture, I started my working career in the field, but soon realised my interests in business and entrepreneurship. I was particularly interested in technology and the varied ways it can be applied to serve a purpose,” explains Swanepoel.

“During that time, while managing my transport business and personal tax affairs, I realised that, although I was trying my best to keep a logbook of my business mileage, I continuously kept slipping up and forgetting to jot my mileage down. This left gaping holes of information, which I had to painstakingly recreate. I understood that GPS technology existed to serve my requirements but at a painful cost and, saddled with lengthy annual contracts, this was not the answer. There simply was not an easy-to-use, affordable and trustworthy solution for private individuals and businesses like me. Thus, I decided to solve the problem myself,” he elaborates.

Having identified a niche in the market, Little LogBook was conceptualised and created, with sales in South Africa launching in 2010.

“I never imagined that it would grow to these proportions and reach this level of notoriety, not only in South Africa but in other countries. Little LogBook is now available in four countries—the USA, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa—and is widely used locally by private individuals, SMEs, corporates, government departments, even The Presidency,” says Swanepoel.

The strength of Little LogBook lies in its extreme simplicity. Little LogBook is a small GPS-enabled memory stick that simply plugs into the vehicle and accurately starts recording the vehicle’s activity and mileage from when the ignition is switched on to when it’s switched off, thus, automating the recording without you having to do anything. The dual USB charger allows you to use/charge your other devices while your Little LogBook is in use.

“This trip information is then downloaded to your Windows PC. The software was created with one goal in mind; to keep it as simple as possible, with automated functions to reduce administration, and leaving it to technology to accurately manage this vital task. The drive to reduce administration resulted in the creation of many key features, including, allowing the software to identify and match trip data during your download and automatically classifying the trip as business or private,” says Swanepoel.

“With the recording of the data automated and the opportunity to have the software autocomplete your trip information, we included features for you to extract detailed activity reports in various formats, set reminders for license renewals and vehicle maintenance and keep track of your vehicles fixed cost and expenses, including the scanned invoices or slips, map views, replays of trip data and routes, including speeds travelled. This data is invaluable in the business world and aids in managing daily activities and costly fuel expenses without impeding on the POPI act,” Swanepoel says.

He explains that the financial benefits and detailed activity information one gets from keeping an accurate logbook must not be overshadowed by the cost of doing so. Little LogBook is free to use and does not require any additional payments, in-app purchases or annual subscriptions. Add to this the simplicity and automation available and it is evident that Little LogBook fits the bill and delivers trustworthy content, worth a lot of money, for free. 

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