Motlekar Cape shows spirit of Ubuntu

Disabled Delft Site 3 & 5 residents benefit on Mandela Day

Motlekar Cape shared their goodwill on Mandela Day
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On 18 July 2013, the world celebrated the life and paid homage to the struggles of Nelson Mandela – a movement hero and an extraordinary global icon. In honour of demonstrating alignment to the values of this human rights champion, Motlekar Cape partnered with the Provincial Department of Human Settlements at the Delft Sites 3 & 5 to host the 67 Minutes of Mandela Day.

It was brought to the Department of Human Settlements’ attention that there are a number of disabled backyard dwellers living in dilapidated shelters, with rotted ceilings, loose wiring and broken wooden panes rendering them too hazardous to occupy. With this in mind, Motlekar Cape equipped all in attendance with hard hats, paint brushes and similar material to restore, paint and service the facility, as well as to prepare a garden bed for sustainable food cultivation. The beneficiaries were overjoyed to receive these housing units geared to suit individuals with special needs and disabilities from the Department’s Priority Project – Delft 3 & 5 – as most of them have been on the housing waiting list since 1991.

Another beneficiary of the day was the Masimanyane Centre for the Aged, Disabled and Child Educare in Delft South. Here, each day the elderly, fondly known as the Senior Youth Gogos, engage in producing beautiful crafts which they sell to earn a living. The harsh conditions that they operate in comprise of a run-down toilet, rickety tables, broken shelving, loose wiring and mouldy ceilings, with the only heat source inside the container being an old, rusted electric heater.

Committed to empowering communities, Motlekar Cape and its Ministerial and Government partners kicked-off the day in melodious style; with singing and dancing enjoyed by children and adults of all ages including the Minister who also displayed some fancy footwork. The Minister spoke extensively about bestowing upon the elderly the respect and dignity they deserve especially in their twilight years and this was met with great appreciation. The charity chairperson, Sibongile Mgoqi, was overcome with joy as she observed the restoration to the facility citing that the government and its sponsors had given them more than they could ever have imagined. Ending off the day was a fitting ‘Happy Birthday’ song to Tata Madiba followed by the cutting of the birthday cake hailing his 95th birthday.

Motlekar Cape was exceptionally proud to be associated with this collective collaboration that embraced the ethos of inspiring change and aptly showcased its steadfast commitment to social upliftment.

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