Motlekar Cape to roll-out new affordable housing concept showroom

Showcasing the scope of its Alternative Building Technologies Housing Project

ABT housing development in Delft Symphony -1
ABT housing development in Delft Symphony -1

As a leader in the construction of affordable housing in the country, Motlekar Cape will unveil a concept-style showroom at its Delft site office which will provide a vast benefit to their partners and clients alike. Commissioned by the Provincial Department of Human Settlements, the showroom will serve as a showcase of the Alternative Building Technologies (ABT) housing project it is currently engaged in depicting the entire scope of the project and  the pivotal processes involved in easy-to-follow illustrations and presentations, as well as tangible samples of the VELA building systems it incorporates.

The concept showroom will craft the setting into the extensive construction process to produce these world-class alternative housing structures as well as to offer clarity into the strength, benefits, specifications and product composition of the related building systems in a visually appealing and interactive manner. Visitors to the showroom can expect to view 3-D mock-ups and plans alongside remarkably informative creations that will set-out the distinct advantage of this type of construction with a view to develop dignified living environments all while still remaining cost-effective.

The showroom is aptly located within the Delft Symphony Precincts 3 and 5 where some 1 951 ABT houses are in the process of being constructed. This development is considered to be the largest ABT housing development ever undertaken by the public sector in sub-Saharan Africa to date.

As a developer that prides itself on utilising innovative housing techniques and qualitative materials from concept to completion, this showroom once again underpins Motlekar Cape’s ethos of elevating expectation in the built environment.

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