The 2nd leg of the 2017 SMME Opportunity Roadshow was held in Port Elizabeth in May, and once again it was an action-packed day of high-level speakers.


Thabang Mashigo, character development specialist

“We need more unique entrepreneurs with value propositions that are defined according to purpose, but it’s essential to be susceptible to change or else you run the risk of losing your innovation edge. Formulate your own rules and formulate your own voice because we need unique African entrepreneurs.”

Luvuyo Bangazzi, Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA)

“Sometimes business people are motivated by money and profit and lose out on the process of building a credible brand and being driven by a solid vision. People will be driven to contribute when they understand where the city is going.”

Sipelo Lupondwana, Managing Director, Mancotech

“Wealth is not something that you get overnight, you work at it, but the main thing is to persevere. I planted a peach tree with my brother which took years to bear its delicious fruit, and this taught me that things don’t happen overnight. Keep watering and pruning or it will not give you the fruits.”

Mziwodumo Rubushe, Competition Commission

“One of our goals is giving equitable participation to SMMEs in the economy and creating conditions for them to compete. We are engaging with SMMEs around the country to ensure they are aware of the Commission and can participate by lodging complaints that affect them negatively.”

Silumko Nondwangu, Supported Employment Enterprises (SEE)

“I want to present a value proposition that is not under pressure to generate profit but is, rather, a proposition to include a caring social element. People with disabilities are seen to be unable to contribute to economic growth and development, so by representing them we can make a valuable contribution.”

Jolandi Snyders, The Hope Factory, Port Elizabeth

“The Hope Factory is a SAICA Enterprise Development Organisation that believes a nation where entrepreneurs can thrive is a better nation for all. BBBEE Codes create a platform for business development in South Africa, but nation-building is the process whereby a diverse society can come together to eradicate past divisions and injustices.”

Henry van Deventer, Old Mutual Wealth

“Businesses need to look at channelling money out of the business/lifestyle assets into wealth preservation assets to protect your risk for your long-term future. You also need to switch your gears into understanding that there is a third strategy outside your business - your lifestyle is the single most critical thing you can do to make sure that you’ll be able to continue living a meaningful life.”

Ludwe Macingwane: Operations Manager, ELIDZ Science and Technology Park

“The cycle of innovation doesn’t end when technology is taken to the market as you should constantly look for ways of bettering your service or product. We assist people with concepts to put together a prototype that can be tested in the market and we ensure that entrepreneurs meet with big industry so that their researched products can break into new global markets.”

Asa Walesa Mazomba, Founder & Business Development Director, Tenderpoint SA

“Don’t be afraid of labels like tenderpreneurship, but rather focus on a sector. Just because you are in the area doesn’t mean you deserve to get the contract, but there are honestly so many opportunities that every one of us has the opportunity to apply.”

Dr Cino Shearer, Executive Director, Executive Consulting International

“Not being able to sell one’s product locally should not be a barrier to selling internationally. Some product lines such as roses and furniture might be saturated in South Africa, but there is a thriving export market for those products. The producer must know their product or service very well, but they should look for assistance on all other areas relating to their operations.”

Sinazo Mtshengu, Global Borders Media and Communication & Bay TV

“Running awareness campaigns or getting a newspaper to write about you means free advertising, but it is vital that entrepreneurs continue to be innovative. You need to create unique stories - something to catch the attention of potential clients and your existing clients.”

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