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Nthato Malope: Professional Clark SA Manager
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Kimberly-Clark Professional is providing South African business with free two-week trials of its innovative HEALTHY WORKPLACE PROJECT initiative, in order to help improve well-being and productivity.

The HEALTHY WORKPLACE PROJECT is designed to educate and encourage employers to help their staff reduce the risk of cross-contamination of germs in typical office hot spots such as desks, boardrooms, reception areas, canteens and other high-traffic areas, through a simple wash, wipe and sanitise protocol that enhances hand hygiene in the workplace.

According to Kimberly-Clark Professional South Africa end-user manager Nthato Malope, the trials are being offered to highlight the grim reality of germs in the workplace, while simultaneously providing a user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective hygiene solution.

"We first do a survey of the company and highlight the germ hot spots in their environment. Working closely with decision makers, we then decide on areas where they should implement the HEALTHY WORKPLACE PROJECT at strategic points. We generally focus on selected departments where the highest count of germs is detected, and target those areas for a full-scale, two-week trial rollout," he explains.

In that two-week period, Kimberly-Clark Professional will install all the hand hygiene equipment that comes with the HEALTHY WORKPLACE PROJECT bundle in designated areas for it to be used by employees - at no cost. The trial period includes a programme of activities, designed not only to raise awareness of the importance of fighting germs in the workplace, but to incentivise staff members who adhere to correct Healthy Workplace behaviour.

This can include random cleanest desk contests, where employees' desks are swabbed and detected for germs, with the cleanest desk or employee being instantly rewarded with a Healthy Workplace prize.

Malope notes that the aim of the trials is to give potential customers a real experience of how a germ-free, fully engaged office environment looks and feels.

“We also want to show how other employees respond to the programme in other offices where we’ve launched the HEALTHY WORKPLACE PROJECT. This includes over 7 000 employees at FNB’s head office in Johannesburg, 800 employees at Altech Netstar, all the healthcare staff at Standerton Hospital, as well as the employees at the Department of Public Works in Cape Town."

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