by Evans Manyonga

Young science entrepreneur

Reaching for the cosmos

Science Stars founder, Madambi Rambuda
Science Stars
If you cannot get a job, create one – that is the reality many young South Africans face today. 

This is often easier said than done, however, as only a determined few actually put that principle into practice. 

In fact, I had met very few young entrepreneurs focused on exploring the vast economic opportunities available to them, until my recent encounter with Madambi Rambuda. 

At only 26 years of age, he is articulate, already a media company owner and buzzing with self-assured confidence – the kind you would expect from a seasoned captain of industry in the mould of Patrice Motsepe or Cyril Ramaphosa. 

My fascination prior to meeting him soon dissipated into positive inspiration, excitement and hope for the young generation in this country. 

Raised in a modest family in one of the poorest provinces in South Africa, Limpopo, Rambuda dreamt from a young age of being in business. 

“I was an introverted kid; I hardly played with other children. I would spend hours fantasising about my future. At a very early age, I knew what I wanted to be. I would spend hours thinking of possible business ventures and even writing them down.” 

Rambuda’s parents, wanting the best for their son, discouraged his ‘misguided misconceptions’ of life. After all, being a businessman is not a profession. They wanted their son to have a professional qualification.

 “My parents were not very supportive of my passion; they wanted me to attend university and return home with a master’s degree or PhD in the so-called conventional disciplines.

“Strangely enough, while I was in primary school, I recall hurting my father to the core when I told him that I wanted to be a taxi driver when I grow up," said Rambuda.

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