Imagine a world where billboards dynamically display ads targeted to each individual as they are walking past them. Imagine ads sold in real-time auctions dynamically and displayed across the city (or country) in a matter of minutes. Well this world is currently taking place and fast becoming the norm in Africa. One of the companies making this possible is Linked Africa Tech, a sprightly and vigorous integrated marketing agency that offers digital advertising services, founded by two individuals with great business acumen and creativity. The company is built with the understanding that the African continent has certainly faced its fair share of challenges in recent decades. But with the trend for emerging economies helping to drive progress in many parts of the world, Africa is now embracing technological change that is transforming the continent, and even leading the way with innovation. Mlungisi Mavuso who is one of the cofounders of Linked Africa believes that the most critical factor in this transformation has been the willingness of the continent to embrace change. The last fifteen years or so has witnessed a vast technological revolution in Africa, with companies ready to innovate, and people enthusiastically embracing this innovation.

Considering the current state of advertising technology, the transition from OOH to Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH) the company took the opportunity and recently developed a digital advertising system. The system is a subscription-based system designed for LCD interior displays with a geotargeting and time-targeted advertising content management system and is the next generation of smart wireless mobile advertising technology, enabling taxi, bus and rideshare fleets to display ads . The system is also set to provide accurate analytics and usage reports. The company believes its clients will surely find the signage software fruitful, effective and reliable owing to its multidimensional tasking and tracking systems.

Many types of traditional advertising, including television can be overly expensive. These advertising methods can be highly effective for larger companies, but they are often out of the price range of smaller companies. Consequently, small businesses and entrepreneurs look for more costeffective advertising methods–those that are relatively cheap and elicit a great return on investment. Linked Africa Tech believes their technology will help solve that challenge as it is inclusive and affordable.

Linked Africa was also fortunate to attend 2-day innovation bootcamp hosted by City of Tshwane, Human Capital Solutions and Standard Bank, coming in first place amongst other entrepreneurs to secure funding and business support. This gives much hope to our continent that the are organizations who will listen and still believe in the ingenuity of young people.

If you have any query regarding the services of Linked Africa, please feel free to contact our Director.

Director: Mlungisi Mavuso

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