Making group schemes insurance simple

Founded in 2015 by husband and wife team, Keneiloe and Jerry Motea, Gavanni Group Schemes, a proudly black-owned administrative and consulting organisation, boasts years of experience in the funeral insurance administration industry.

Jerry Motea, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), says the plan is to become a superlative and unparalleled industry player, pioneering the group schemes administration industry by offering tailored products, services and support to their valued clients. He says that he is proud to have experienced personnel who are eager and ready to assist with factual advise and cater for each of their clients’ needs.

Partnering with industry leading underwriters, Gavanni provides tailored solutions to group schemes administration and underwriting in order for their clients to enjoy the benefits of personalised service and solutions centric relations, which are customised to each client based on their needs.

BBQ magazine caught up with Motea, who gave us the inside scoop on his company’s success story.

Where does the name Gavanni come from?

Gavanni is a family business. The name is a combination of our two sons’ names, Gabriel and Giovanni.

Please share with us the history of Gavanni Group Schemes. When was the company started and which areas in South Africa do you predominantly work in?

Gavanni was established in 2015. However, we did not fully find expression in insurance until towards the end of 2019, when we rebranded and identified our target market within group schemes and defined our market positioning. Gavanni is based in Greenstone, Johannesburg, with more than 200 clients nationwide in all nine provinces.

Why did you decide to start this specific business?

Traditional underwriters and administrators lacked providing tailored and personalised service. They make use of old school rate card underwriting with little to no personal touch. We believe that no two clients are the same, and so we are proficient in providing a tailored specific approach to each of our independent schemes. We started this business to provide undeniable professional service to what has been previously deemed the “informal business” of funeral insurance.

What is your company’s vision?

We want to pioneer the funeral group schemes insurance industry by rebranding the “hearse’s and bodies” to professional stakeholders and stalwarts that contribute handsomely to the long-term insurance fraternity. The intention is to establish a black, youth-owned insurance company that will successfully marry insurance ethics with our cultural ethos as a people of South Africa. We need to simplify insurance and make it palatable to the less-insured communities.

What gives Gavanni Group Schemes the edge?

Our young, vibrant and energetic team of dedicated individuals that go beyond the call of duty to service our clients gives Gavanni the edge.

What sets your company apart from its competitors?

We pride ourselves on delivering tailored support and a fresh, unparalleled underwriting experience.

Why should people choose Gavanni above another company?

We guarantee fast claims pay-outs, competitive rates, and advanced systems for policy and claims management. Furthermore, our clients can expect favourable client service support and skills development and training support.

Gavanni is a proudly black-owned administrative and consulting organisation which seeks to become a big industry player, pioneering the group schemes administration industry. How are you going to reach this goal?

We intend to always put our best foot forward in servicing our clients – big or small. By providing access to information and technologies that further enhance our service offering without discrimination of the size of the book, we will make our mark in industry. We will not compromise on any limitations in our products or services and we will go beyond the call of duty each and every time, without fail.

Who should be interested in your services?

Groups that will mostly benefit from our offering would include financial service providers, employers (HR and benefits personnel), funeral service providers, church groups and burial societies.

Please talk to us about the biggest challenges in your industry for companies such as yours.

One of the biggest challenges is educating policyholders and the general public of the importance of insuring themselves and their loved ones, should the inevitable occur. The larger South African population does not have access to a rainy-day fund of let’s say R10 000 in the event of the loss of a loved one, but getting cover from a local underwriting financial service provider or through their employer can ensure a dignified send-off in the event of death. In some cases a cash benefit is also included in the policy to help ease the burden of losing a bread winner.

What are the biggest benefits of group schemes such as what Gavanni provide?

Insuring and or underwriting your policyholders in a compulsory or non-compulsory friendly society, group scheme or employee scheme, provides you with peace of mind that your policy holders are covered in the event of death. It provides you with security against insurance risk at claims stage.

How has Covid-19 affected your business?

The pandemic has affected our business, more especially in the second wave due to the high mortality rate we have experienced as a country and against the insured. We were at the forefront of high claim volumes and had to beef up on service levels as well as infrastructure from our claims department, ensuring that we take heed of the call by the Ministry Of Health as well as Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs to empower our clients with the benefits due, so that they could afford a burial within the restricted timelines due to Covid-19. We have however seen a surge in interest of uninsured parties who now recognise the importance of funeral cover and scaled at tremendous volumes in line with such. We believe that by surviving the first and second wave of Covid-19, our business is stronger and more fierce in facing the inevitable head on.