Pinkie Mochumi is the founder and executive director of Azilwa Corporate Governance Solutions. A professional in the field of corporate governance, compliance, administration and management of Board of Directors, Pinkie has over the years acquired extensive experience in managing Boards of Companies in the energy, telecon, agriculture, non-profit organisations (NPOs), technology and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Pinkie is passionate about instilling conscience in business and, inspiring ethical leadership which led her to start her own business, running an experienced team of professional consultants.

Pinkie has championed turnaround strategies motivated for change, and promoted increased accountability in various roles where she participated as a governance advisor. She is active in upholding learning campaigns in SOEs, administrating BEE Schemes, and is a company secretary to various companies. She has qualifications in procurement and supply chain, marketing management, cost management and accounting, customer service and strategic management.

Azilwa understands the overwhelming demand for corporate governance and ethics in the South African landscape, given the past challenges. Our host of services are an asset to any company and if embraced and applied, could take your business to new heights. Companies who implement the principles of good corporate governance understand that it is the basis of growth and economic success – peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Azilwa brings tried and trusted solutions to your boardroom to ensure that best practice standards are part of effective management in your business. We believe that courageous leadership, accountability and transparent reporting are critical for reputation and long-term prosperity.

What makes Azilwa unique?

• We listen to your business challenges and bring solutions to achieve good corporate governance outcomes;

• We become a reliable part of your business;

• Compliance and governance matters are easy for us to do;

• Our solutions are powered by best practice in business management; and

• Relationships are the lifeblood of our business and we value all our clients.

Our Services

Azilwa prides itself in facilitating the establishment of the four pillars of corporate governance in business which are transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility.

Our services are tailored to meet these needs in your business. We evaluate your business needs in relation to the principles of corporate ethics and through assessment, training, structured policies and procedures, formulate recommendations to promote organisational values, code of conduct and ethical practices. We supply an Implementation Plan and monitor and evaluate improvements on an ongoing basis.

Azilwa pursue Compliance as follows:

(1) Corporate Compliance Audit and Policy Development

A comprehensive Azilwa Company Compliance Audit include assessments of the following:

– operational policies

– code of conduct

– risk management procedures

– management communication and reporting systems

(2) Company Secretary and Board of Directors Meeting Services

We take the anxiety out of Boards and Board Committee Preparations and deliver a host of necessary solutions to Board of Directors Meetings and all-round Company Secretary services.

(3) Non-Executive Board of Directors Placements

Azilwa introduce professionals to Boards and at the same time assist companies to find their next Non-Executive Board members.

(4) Training

Azilwa ensures that your business activities demonstrate ethical conduct and provides training to accommodate any shortcomings. No business is managed in a vacuum and it is important to ensure that all roleplayers are familiar with good corporate governance practices. Azilwa offers various training solutions tailored to meet your business needs.