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2022-07-26 12:56:48

The inaugural App Growth and Marketing Insights Summit in South Africa

SHAREit, the peer-to-peer file sharing, content streaming and gaming platform, is hosting its first ever App Growth and Marketing Insights Summit in Johannesburg and Cape Town during the first week of August 2022.

The invite-only conference events will bring together the biggest influential and thought leaders in mobile marketing under one roof to share their experience, learnings and insights with the audiences. The attendees will include C-suite professionals from top brands and digital marketing agencies.

“There is so much potential for mobile marketing in South Africa, and indeed further afield on the African continent,” says Arunabh Madhur, Regional VP & Head Business EMEA at SHAREit Group. “Mobile users in Africa are expected to shoot past the 5 billion mark this year.  South Africa has one of the largest mobile markets in the world, with 85% of individuals and 95% of households having access to a mobile phone. SHAREit has been operating in Africa to help the mobile users access digital content easily and enable the brands to grow their business through Mobile marketing. We provide ad solutions to marketers that are highly targeted, instantaneous, and interactive. Our customised campaigns for partners are also more affordable and measurable than other media channels.”

“We have designed the app growth and marketing insight event to enable global knowledge sharing on best practices from various industries about performance marketing trends, changes and new growth opportunities in the African region,” says Chanel Hardman, Country Director for South Africa at SHAREit Group.

“Delegates will hear first-hand from industry leaders on what the future of mobile marketing looks like for different industries, with our line-up of keynotes offering priceless insights for business. The event will also have an exclusive panel session with powerful insights to go deep into app user growth, user engagement and value addition,” she says.

The event will host speakers and delegates from the biggest brands of the industry like Ayoba, Takealot, Mr D, Adjust, Simply Black agency, Avatar agency among many others. The SHAREit team will also share more information about the platform’s offerings via case studies, learnings, and region-specific data.

SHAREit has grown significantly to become the right choice for brands to reach their target audience. The app is the fourth largest media source globally in volume and power rankings in non-gaming categories on the IAP Index. The global advertising revenue of the company has also tripled in the last financial year. Particularly appealing for users in the emerging markets where data costs are high, the app has already reached more than 20 million monthly active users in South Africa. 

For more information about SHAREit, please visit:  www.ushareit.com

Reach out to SHAREit team to know more about their marketing solutions : Contact SHAREit

2022-07-25 10:56:10


BBQ AWARDS was born with the purpose of acknowledging the greatness of our forefathers through generations of Black Excellence. BBQ Awards is a celebration that rewards achievers with the acknowledgement that their work is valued. The awards show approval and gratitude for each person’s good work and ensure that our people are inspired by the prospect that excellent work will be rewarded and made aware of the outstanding accomplishments of their peers.

As a young woman and coordinator of this prestigious event, I’ve come to realise that BBQ Awards is a vibrant platform in which our black pioneers and upcoming achievers can connect and build relationships with other entrepreneurs in the world of business.

The event is an upmarket showcase with live music that will provide an enabling environment in which young achievers can experiment, learn, teach, adopt, adapt, own and guide themselves through an exciting world of future opportunities.

I look forward to celebrating the 19th year of BBQ Awards in October 2022 and seeing the growth and development of our amazing black pioneers as well as the new crop of upcoming achievers, all of whom will be excited to connect and build relationships with other entrepreneurs in the world of business.

Celebrating  excellence in transformation

Sibhiyozela ukugqwesa kwezenguqu

2022-07-25 10:27:13

Celebrating Black Excellence

Khayelitsha's PR & Marketing Agency wins prestigious PR Award

Khayelitsha based PR & Marketing Agency, The Client PR & Communications (Operating as The Client Media) picked up a Presidential Award: Silver in Public Relations and Communication Industry Advancement for successfully launching the first 4-star black owned luxury boutique hotel in a township, The Spade Boutique Hotel & Spa in Khayelitsha.

PRISM awards are home of Africa’s most sought-after public relations and communications organized by the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA). This year the awards celebrated 25 years .

The agency founded in 2018 by Shorn Khumalo who is a Khayelitsha native has been instrumental in positioning small to medium township-based businesses including The Milk Restaurant & Champagne Bar, Clinimed Healthcare and Creative Entrepreneur & TV Executive Sibulele Siko – Shosha amongst others. Recently, the agency has channelled its clients to become award winning entrepreneurs and businesses with Dr. Mathobela Matjekane, Founder & CEO of Clinimed being awarded the 2021 Fabolous Woman in Health Award for her contribution in the fight against COVID19.While, the CEO of The Spade Boutique Hotel, Annette Skaap was awarded Entrepreneur of the year at the 2022 Black Management Forum’s Black Excellence Awards in April this year.

“I’m extremely proud of this nod. It speaks extensively to what we have been trying to achieve in the past few years, changing the narrative on how we view townships and small -medium black owned businesses. To pick up such a prestigious award for uplifting this business community always overshadowed by negativity is by far the highlight of my career” Shorn Khumalo.

Khumalo has added that this opportunity wouldn’t have existed if long standing businesses such as Kwa-Ace didn’t give young people opportunities to collaborate and is extremely grateful to the Skaaps.

“I share this award with Patho Tebese whose contribution to the launch of the hotel has been immeasurable. We were a very small team of 2 and often got help from client and CEO, Annette Skaap ”.

2022-07-25 07:54:22

Spoofers beware: IronTree partners with Sendmarc to tackle email impersonation

IronTree has entered a strategic partnership with Sendmarc, the South African cybersecurity email protection and compliance experts, and now the largest email security platform of its kind on the continent. Both companies have attracted significant attention for their cybersecurity solutions, with Sendmarc receiving two rounds of funding, first from Kalon Venture Partners, and then Endeavour South Africa 2021, while IronTree was acquired by Metrofile in December of last year.

The strategic partnership agreement means IronTree’s team will complete a tailored training programme to achieve certification and actively pursue an exploding DMARC software market which is expected to grow at 55.5% CAGR in terms of revenue, and a global market forecast to reach $463.5 million by 2025, according to a 360 Research Report published in September 2021. With almost 4.3 billion people using email, and 300 billion emails sent every day96% of phishing attacks arrive by email, and 94% of malware attacks occur via email. In summary, email fraud has crippled and embarrassed many businesses.

Sendmarc mitigates a flaw in email design that lets a criminal insert any sender’s address in a forged email, a tactic now widely exploited by criminals. To combat this, two million companies have adopted the global security standard for email, DMARC, which was established a few years ago by a consortium of the world’s largest technology companies to create a global protocol that will end the impersonation problem. The authors, adopters and enforcers of this standard include Google, Microsoft, Apple, PayPal, Facebook, The US Dept. of Homeland Security, the EU government and many others. This is now stated as global best practice and all domain owners must become compliant to protect the world from phishing and spoofing attacks.

“Brands need to stop email fakery and ensure their brand can be trusted. Sendmarc secures and safeguards email, making sure that only the real thing is received, and by that, we mean any e-mail received is assured to come from the real sender. No one can impersonate you. Sendmarc is helping make the internet safer for everyone and restoring user trust, by helping make the inbox a safer place,” explains Sacha Matulovich, the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

“No matter who you are, be it an individual, business or even government, it is not difficult to get impersonated or ‘spoofed’. However, there’s no reason for this vulnerability to be left unattended, considering the risk to reputation, employees, clients and partners. Organisations need to check, double-check and triple-check they have the right cybersecurity partner, one that evolves with the threats and stays ahead of a sharp and unpredictable risk curve,”  explains David Lees, Co-Founder of IronTree.

“With thousands of clients processing more than 400 million emails per month and servicing 35 JSE-listed companies, Sendmarc is a perfect fit for IronTree. We are aligned in our view of utilising the finest technology and delivering premium service. We want to be available to as many businesses as possible and work with a network of partners who can bring a superior product, with a guarantee, to clients,” he says.

The IronTree SecureIT cybersecurity suite has positioned the company as the experts in virtual private hosting (VPS), backup and disaster recovery, cybercrime and ransomware prevention, and, of great relevance this year, a company’s level of compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). With Sendmarc, the company bolsters its services, closing the net further on cybercrime.

2022-02-22 08:10:17

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