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2021-10-06 08:02:21

Tried and trusted

Pinkie Mochumi is the founder and executive director of Azilwa Corporate Governance Solutions. A professional in the field of corporate governance, compliance, administration and management of Board of Directors, Pinkie has over the years acquired extensive experience in managing Boards of Companies in the energy, telecon, agriculture, non-profit organisations (NPOs), technology and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Pinkie is passionate about instilling conscience in business and, inspiring ethical leadership which led her to start her own business, running an experienced team of professional consultants.

Pinkie has championed turnaround strategies motivated for change, and promoted increased accountability in various roles where she participated as a governance advisor. She is active in upholding learning campaigns in SOEs, administrating BEE Schemes, and is a company secretary to various companies. She has qualifications in procurement and supply chain, marketing management, cost management and accounting, customer service and strategic management.

Azilwa understands the overwhelming demand for corporate governance and ethics in the South African landscape, given the past challenges. Our host of services are an asset to any company and if embraced and applied, could take your business to new heights. Companies who implement the principles of good corporate governance understand that it is the basis of growth and economic success – peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Azilwa brings tried and trusted solutions to your boardroom to ensure that best practice standards are part of effective management in your business. We believe that courageous leadership, accountability and transparent reporting are critical for reputation and long-term prosperity.

What makes Azilwa unique?

• We listen to your business challenges and bring solutions to achieve good corporate governance outcomes;

• We become a reliable part of your business;

• Compliance and governance matters are easy for us to do;

• Our solutions are powered by best practice in business management; and

• Relationships are the lifeblood of our business and we value all our clients.

Our Services

Azilwa prides itself in facilitating the establishment of the four pillars of corporate governance in business which are transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility.

Our services are tailored to meet these needs in your business. We evaluate your business needs in relation to the principles of corporate ethics and through assessment, training, structured policies and procedures, formulate recommendations to promote organisational values, code of conduct and ethical practices. We supply an Implementation Plan and monitor and evaluate improvements on an ongoing basis.

Azilwa pursue Compliance as follows:

(1) Corporate Compliance Audit and Policy Development

A comprehensive Azilwa Company Compliance Audit include assessments of the following:

- operational policies

- code of conduct

- risk management procedures

- management communication and reporting systems

(2) Company Secretary and Board of Directors Meeting Services

We take the anxiety out of Boards and Board Committee Preparations and deliver a host of necessary solutions to Board of Directors Meetings and all-round Company Secretary services.

(3) Non-Executive Board of Directors Placements

Azilwa introduce professionals to Boards and at the same time assist companies to find their next Non-Executive Board members.

(4) Training

Azilwa ensures that your business activities demonstrate ethical conduct and provides training to accommodate any shortcomings. No business is managed in a vacuum and it is important to ensure that all roleplayers are familiar with good corporate governance practices. Azilwa offers various training solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

2021-10-05 07:24:37


The World Prematurity Day (World Preemie Day) is celebrated annually on 17 November.  For the past three years the Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust (THCT) has marked the celebration with a one-day Community Fair inside the premises of  Tygerberg Hospital which will be held on Saturday, 13 November.

This year, the Trust will be adding more exciting events to the calendar that will take place from 13  to 19 November 2021 at the Lagoon Beach hotel, Cape Town to highlight the importance of premature and preterm birth, and to be able to raise funds over a sustainable period as well as grow awareness of the Trust’s Social Impact initiatives.

The brand new lineup of events include, the Preemie Ultra Invitational 50km Road Run from Gordon’s Bay to the Kleinmond, a cheque hand-over ceremony at Tygerberg hospital, a live streamed comedy show called Reboot your Laughter, a Gala Dinner at the Lagoon Beach hotel and the Reboot Your Purpose Leadership Talk also at the Lagoon Beach Hotel.

The World Preemie Festival programme will be creatively directed by multiple award winning performer, writer and THCT Goodwill Ambassador, Quanita Adams.

Tygerberg Hospital provides specialist medical care for more than half of the babies and children in the Western Cape, who come almost exclusively from indigent communities. The Hospital also provides medical care for child patients from outlying and rural communities within the Western Cape Metropole. Annually, approximately 15 000 babies and children are admitted to the ±300 inpatient beds at Tygerberg Hospital. Many of these children remain in hospital for lengthy periods of time.

The CEO of the THCT had the following to say: "We are very excited to add such a unique festival to the region's event calendar. Preemie babies are special and they teach us the meaning of resilience and the courage to overcome. We would like to honour their endearing spirit through a world first, the World Preemie Festival series of events."

The Reboot your Purpose Leadership Talk in partnership with Cape Media will take place at the Lagoon Beach Hotel on 19 November in the form of solo talks and moderated discussions around the theme of “Re-imagining Social Impact in a post covid world”. The line-up includes Selebogo Molefe and Jason Falken (CEO of Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust), who will both facilitate and MC the discussions. 

All relevant COVID protocols will be strictly adhered to, across all events.

Together, we may be United for a Healthy Future.

For more information follow the Tygerberg Hospital Children's Trust on:


Facebook: @THCTRUST

Twitter: @HospitalTrust

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tygerberg-hospital-children-s-trust

For media queries contact candice@tygerbergchildren.org.za or call 076 9589593

2021-09-08 10:12:10


The good news from the jobs marketplace is that top companies are again starting to search for top talent after last year’s hiring hiatus. But important for young professionals as well as students in fields such as brand strategy, communication and business to know right now, is that they need to be very clear about their talent trajectory and the skills companies are looking for, because the competition for plum positions is fiercer than ever, an expert says.

“Your studies will be a major investment of time and money, and it is important to understand right from the start where you want to go, and what will be required of you to get there,” says Dr Carla Enslin, co-founder and Head of Postgraduate Studies and Research at The Independent Institute of Education’s Vega.

She says prospective students too often sign up for a first degree, and then think they’ll consider what comes next at a later stage. But it is very important to understand right from the start what the point of a first degree, and then later qualifications will be, as it is not merely a case of notching up one qualification after the other. Each degree has a specific function, which relates to specific competencies required for progressively more senior roles.

“Top talent is in high demand, always has been and always will be, but if you are aiming to become a leader in your industry, you have to prepare yourself to not just compete FOR a position, but AGAINST other very talented people who are just as ambitious as you,” she says.

“So if you are determined to be successful in your career, you have to determine from the start what your approach is going to be, by researching what companies want and then matching that to the qualifications and the institution that will get you there.”

Dr Enslin says before embarking on higher education, or studying towards a postgraduate degree, prospective students should understand the point of various degrees, and how each degree builds on the next.

“So before setting out on your studies, or when considering postgraduate study, understand where it is that you want to go and how your degree will enable you to get there. Your first point of call is to understand what companies are expecting, and then determine what you need to study and where so that you can ultimately build towards becoming the candidate that can fulfil those expectations.”

Dr Enslin says companies today seek truly talented, innovative, and original solutions to challenges and will work hard to find qualified, distinguished and talented professionals with a proven track record to fill key positions.

“The point is, you are going to have to level up if you want to reach the top. Even for junior positions, companies interview a range of talented individuals. So yes, many are mindful of getting a job, but in today’s world, you need to be mindful of what it will require to land a position amid tough competition.”

“So do your homework – go look at the websites of top companies and see what they require from candidates in specific positions. And then speak to industry insiders. Find out which qualifications and institutions are rated in that industry. Speak to alumni from these institutions, and speak to the institutions themselves about the programmes and the skills you will acquire over and above merely academic skills, which certainly are not sufficient to make the grade in today’s environment.”

Dr Enslin says the aim of studies is for one to mature in that one thing you are able to do uncommonly well.

“Every individual has something they can do uncommonly well, and it is their job to find what that thing is and then to grow and develop that thing strategically so that they have a competitive advantage. The positive news for creatives is that their jobs are less readily automatable, so this remains a vibrant and viable career field, which requires not only strong technical skills, but also substantial soft skills.”

“There is tremendous opportunity out there. But harnessing this opportunity requires you to devise a solid strategy based on where you want to go, and how you will best be able to get there.”

Dr. Carla Enslin

Visit www.vegaschool.com to find out more about the IIE undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications in design, brand, and business available to study at Vega.

2021-09-01 10:01:00

Sasfin's sharp U-turn - income jumps 11.65%: Annual report

Sasfin posted headline earnings of R141.1 million (2020: loss of R48.6 million) for the year ended 30 June 2021. This improvement was largely driven by an 11.65% increase in total income to R1.303 billion and improved credit performance. Return on equity improved to 9.11% (2020: -3.12%).

Each of the Sasfin pillars – Asset Finance, Wealth, Business Banking and Capital grew income in 2021. Sasfin Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Michael Sassoon said: "Our investment in new capabilities over the years has helped ensure that income exceeded our pre-pandemic 2019 level by 4.55%."

Income growth was achieved while ensuring improved credit quality. "We worked closely with our clients during the Covid-19 pandemic and many of these clients have brought their accounts up to date contributing to a 14.16% reduction in non-performing loans," he added.

According to Sasfin's Financial Director, Angela Pillay, significant steps have been taken to streamline activities which will yield improved efficiency ratios in the future: "The cost-to-income ratio improved to 77.95% (2020: 82.20%) and excluding once-off headline adjustable items, the cost-to-income ratio would have improved further to 73.36%."

"By onshoring our Hong Kong operations, exiting some of our non-core assets and preference shares, Sasfin has a leaner operation, with capital more appropriately allocated, enabling us to further grow our core activities," she added.

Sasfin's Asset Finance and Wealth pillars continue to show strong growth. The Asset Finance pillar delivered exceptional results, achieving an operating profit of R289.3 million (2020: R68.9 million); while Sasfin Wealth recorded operating profit of R77.5 million (2020: R65.1 million) as a result of growth in AUM to R53.899 billion (2020: R48.605 billion).

Sasfin continues to invest in its Business Banking and Capital pillars. These businesses reduced their combined operating loss to R44.9 million (2020: R105.7million). This combined area focuses on SMEs and larger businesses, through a combination of integrated digital business banking products and services, as well a high-touch diversified credit offering. "SMEs require attention more than ever, and we are providing critical funding and banking services, via our NASIRA partnership with the FMO (Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank) and within our B\\YOND business banking platform," Sassoon said.

Sasfin will adopt a hybrid work model at the end of the year when it moves into new offices located at 140 West Street, Sandton, and will occupy 25% less space than it currently does, paying a lower rate per square metre.

In the spirit of Directive 4 of 2018 issued by the Prudential Authority, Sasfin's long-standing Chairperson, Roy Andersen and Non-Executive Director, Grant Dunnington will be retiring at Sasfin's November AGM, with Deon De Kock taking over. "We welcome Mr De Kock as our new Chairperson and have no doubt that he will add considerable value to Sasfin in the years ahead. We are incredibly grateful for the invaluable contribution made by Roy Andersen and Grant Dunnington over the last decade and we wish them every success for the future," added Sassoon.

"It has been a privilege to serve as Chair of Sasfin and to witness the many successes of the Group. I have no doubt that Sasfin will grow from strength to strength," said Andersen.

"We emerge from the last 18 months stronger and are rebuilding our country by enabling the growth of the businesses and global wealth of our clients, who have shown incredible resilience during these unprecedented times. It has meant a huge team effort, a commitment to our clients, and quality partnerships and we are delighted to see the great improvements," Sassoon concluded.

2021-08-16 07:35:48

Express parcel leader, DPD Laser, acquires Fast + Furious at the peak of the pandemic

Despite the recent troubles we have seen in the country, e-commerce and the transportation of goods, has continued to explode. Consolidation means better service and better pricing as the industry expands and competes. This also comes off the back of DPD’s involvement with transportation of vaccines via cold storage. They are on a great trajectory, especially since this acquisition was supported by a European logistics leader. 

Express parcel leader, DPD Laser, acquires Fast + Furious at the peak of the pandemic 

As the country rides the uncertainty of a third wave and gathers itself from recent social unrest, global express parcel powerhouse DPDgroup and their South African partner Laser have announced today DPD Laser’s acquisition of Fast + Furious, subject to final approval from the Competition Commission.

The move has been driven by the demand to service South Africa’s eCommerce growth, which has exploded since March 2020. “The importance of express and ‘to consumer’ distribution has never been greater than at this time,” explains Philip Hayes, CEO of The Laser Group. “This is an acquisition born out of necessity and the need to assist South African businesses and consumers in the toughest period of the last few decades.”

“In the last 16 months, we have worked incredibly hard at supporting our customers and their customers through the various COVID-19 waves and subsequent lockdowns. Consumers need products to live and work, and they need safe, ‘contactless’ delivery, and we focused our attention there. In recent months, we have actively developed our capabilities to deliver an ultracold distribution and storage solution for vaccines. And now we are doubling up on customer-centricity and reaching deeper parts of South Africa via the network expansion and capability brought by Fast + Furious. We are excited about the possibilities and the extent to which the two businesses complement one and other,” he adds.

The acquisition augments DPD Laser from 900 to 1500 people, sees 700 vehicles increase to nearly 1100, and expands 15 national branches to a presence of more than 25 areas nationally, with an estimated 12m parcel deliveries in the next 12 months.

DPD Laser benefits enormously from the resource, expertise and experience of DPDgroup, which operates in 49 countries worldwide and has led the European distribution market as it evolved to competently service eCommerce growth. Benjamin Demoge, Executive Vice President at DPDgroup, emphasises, “Time-sensitive distribution to or from the consumer’s home or place of work has been embedded in everything that we do for a number of years now. And this is not just on a domestic basis. International eCommerce is currently developing at an incredible rate, and as a consequence, we need expertise and scale in all of the markets that we operate in. The acquisition of Fast + Furious is very important in this regard.”

Fast + Furious, starting in a home garage in Johannesburg in 1997, is a South African success story that placed an intense focus on customer interface and support, delivering 300 000 parcels a month and building a network that can reach the far corners of South Africa.

Anton Visagie, CEO of DPD Laser, adds, “We wanted to deliver increased transparency, flexibility and control over large parcel volumes and to interface real-time with the customer. To do this effectively across all of South Africa, we required further network expansion, scale and density in the rural and regional areas to give customers a greater cost and service benefit. This acquisition is a win for customers and a win for us. And this is in every aspect of our business, not just the eCommerce aspect. Our specialist healthcare, food, and B2B offerings will all benefit from the acquisition.”
Jason Lombard, CEO of Fast + Furious, “Now my customers can have access to everything they want in every street in this country, not just because we can go there, but now we can go there more frequently, and that changes the dynamic – a visible delivery partner in every area, in suburbs, regions, remote areas and townships. We are bringing real access and inclusion with this deal and at a critical time.”

For more information please contact Julia Ledingham at MediaWeb Journalism Hub: julia@mediaweb.co.za